Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations

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This certificate course is designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and vital vocational skills required for the operational aspects of the food and beverage industry.

This qualification establishes a progression route from Certificate to Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, giving recognition of the necessary knowledge and skills for employees whether they are starting their career in the industry or are already preparing for a supervisory role.

Course Duration

Full-Time (Local & International Students)
3 Months Study + 3 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

This course is not offering Part-Time.

Teacher Student Ratio


Modes & Methods of Delivery

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Group Work
  • Practical Training


Examination is conducted at the end of each module.

The pre-requisite for Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations

  • 16 years old and above;and
  • Two GCE ‘N’ level with a pass in English or equivalent; or

Other qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Local Students


Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations
3 Months Study + 3 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

International Students


Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations
3 Months Study + 3 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

Miscellaneous Notes

  • All fees stated are inclusive of 7% GST
  • The above course fees are not inclusive of Miscellaneous Fees.
  • All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Application Fee of SGD$299.60 is payable to STEi Institute Pte. Ltd. This fee is non-refundable under all circumstances Student can make payment via TT, bank draft or cheque.

Medical Insurance Scheme

STEi hereby confirms and undertakes to students that it has in place a medical insurance scheme for all its students.

Fee Protection Scheme

STEi provides fee protection scheme for all students as required by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) and is aligned with the EduTrust requirements.

Our appointed FPS provider is Liberty Insurance Pte Ltd.

All course fees are payable to “STEi Institute Pte Ltd” account with DBS Bank in Singapore (Account No. : 003-909401-9).

HM1001 – English for Hospitality

This module is designed to enhance student’s essential communication skills in the Hospitality Industry. Students would be able to understand the “lingo” of the Industry and also to adapt to the terms of reference used amongst the staff. Students would be equipped with Hospitality English language skills to speak, read and write in proper English with confidence.

HM1004 – Food & Beverage Operations

This module introduces the different services and operational styles to serve different types of cuisine such as Plated Services, Gueridon Service, Buffet Service, Family Service, Counter Service, Silver Service, Carvery Service, Fast Food Service and other services..

HM1007 – Conference & Events Operations

This module equips the students with the knowledge in various types of events. It outlines the uniqueness and importance of each event and focuses on the functions and responsibilities of the Banquet Department.

HM1009 – Quality Service

This module allows the students to provide quality customer service to their customers. It focuses on the importance of having the right service mindset and how to present positive attitude and professional appearance in front of customers.

HM1019 – Industrial Attachment (IA)

Students can you expect to be deployed to the Food & Beverage department of the Hospitality Industry, over 6 months of Industrial Attachment.

Industrial Attachment is a compulsory and integral module of the Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations Course. In the event that a student is unable to participate in the Industrial Attachment module due to circumstances beyond the control of STEi Institute; the student will be provided as a last resort, to successfully complete the Project Work to be considered for graduation from course and be awarded the Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations.

In order to be conferred the course award, the student must achieve a pass for STEi Examination, and at least 75% of class attendance. Student’s Pass Holders are required to maintain a class attendance of 90% and above.

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations awarded by STEi Institute, the student is eligible to apply with advanced standing to our Diploma in Hospitality Management.


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