Our Philosophy

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About STEi  /  Our Philosophy

STEi Education is a strategic partner of STEi Institute, a leading Private Education Institute in Singapore which offers higher academic qualifications in hospitality, logistics and supply chain. STEi Education leverages on the vast market of STEi Institute’s international students from many countries and offer further value-add services to these students to improve their options in education and to enjoy cost effective, accurate and transparent education outcome to meet their aspirations and specific circumstances.

STEi Education website provides linkages for the students to study in overseas universities, colleges and academies in countries like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. This website provides the types of courses, training outcomes and course details with clarity to assist potential students to make life choice decisions in studying abroad.

With the various academic pathways available to STEi Education, we are establishing Training Centres abroad to bring high quality education nearer to you. These STEi Education Centres offer internationally accredited courses and also pathway courses for students to qualify for overseas institutions. This website also list the various academic services that STEi Education can offer as professional consultancy to those who sought to jump-start their capacity in the development, conduct and upgrade of their academic proficiency and competency.

Welcome to STEi Education.

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